Orca KILLA 180º CL


PERFECT FIT The 3D ergonomic gasket fits the face perfectly, reducing pressure around the eyes for even better waterproof performance. QUICK-ADJUST The L50clip strap system helps you to easily and quickly adjust the silicone strap. ULTRA FUSE Thanks to the revolutionary UltraFuse system, TPE rubber is attached to the lens and frame using the latest injection technology. This design enhances comfort, and reduces pressure and water leaks. ANTI-FOG The exclusive long lasting ANTI-FOG coating prevents your goggles from misting up, providing clear vision at all times.

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The Killa 180º Goggle is high performance, multipurpose and ergonomic, which will enhance your comfort and speed through the water. It offers exceptional optical clarity, making it suitable for both racing and training. With a range of different lenses, it performs equally well in all weather conditions. An added bonus is the silicone strap, which can be quickly and easily adjusted, giving you all the confidence you need.

Weight 91 kg
Dimensions 0.06 × 0.05 cm